There's No Sex in Golf by Stephen Outram

There's No Sex in Golf

This is golf beyond the mental game; looking at all of the hidden places and spaces that players use to limit what’s possible with their game, and are totally unaware of it.

Imagine that you have been playing golf with a group of mates for several years; you’re one of the gang and a trusted member. You all meet up every Saturday for the club competition, lose, but socialise in the bar afterwards as good mates do. What would happen if you allowed your game to improve dramatically and began winning; not just once but again and again? This is similar to someone who suddenly becomes wealthy and their friends or family become very uncomfortable when confronted with the new diamonds, BMW and beachfront mansion. Back to golf—are you unconsciously using your peer group as a reason to not play your best game and continue improving beyond their wildest imaginings?

There's No Sex in Golf is a book that addresses golf beyond the mental game, and probes into the sometimes sensitive nooks and crannies that golfers may not want to look at. What are the hidden techniques that golfers use so effectively that they can’t get past them to play their best golf?

Author Stephen Outram, who has been playing the game since he was 10, explores the nooks and crannies many golfers normally ignore. Combined with coaching examples, tools and a slightly irreverent humour, he offers golfers something completely different. If you’re serious about playing better golf, you need to add this book to your game.

“While researching it, I had a hard time figuring out if this was a “how-to” book about the game of golf, or was it using golf as a metaphor for improving your life. It’s actually both!”—Shannon Yarbrough, The LL Book Review

Unlike most other golf books, There's No Sex In Golf has little to say about your swing or what you need to fix or eliminate from your game. It does ask you, however, to look at your game from a different perspective and get clear on what you’re really creating with golf and what else you could be choosing.

There's No Sex in Golf
A book by Stephen Outram

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