Advanced Speaking Concepts by Stephen Outram

Advanced Speaking Concepts

Written for people who are seeking to create something greater and something different with public speaking, that will also benefit people who are beginning—the new generation of speakers.

This book contains ideas and concepts to assist you going beyond all of the old, worn public speaking techniques that everyone else uses to be competent, average and safe.

  • Exposed! The myth that public speaking is the No.1 fear
  • The weird and hidden issues that are holding you back
  • Nerves! Why you need them to perform better
  • Applause. A beginning, not the end
  • Manipulation! Using it to advantage

What if your journey with public speaking was really an adventure unfolding before you with each new choice you make?

Reviews & Comments

"Stephen's writing style is conversational, inviting and engaging. I had a sense while reading his book that we were often having a friendly chat. His thoughts were illuminating and challenged me to question widely held beliefs about public speaking. His ideas offer generative, expansive and most importantly living tools for enhancing any speakers' potential to engage an audience."—Dr. John Thoma, PhD

Advanced Speaking Concepts
A book by Stephen Outram
With Foreword by Dr. John Thoma, PhD