The First Five Years
A compelling true story of courage, endeavor and success; one of Australia’s largely unknown but nevertheless intrepid, gutsy pioneering families
Dealers: Buying, Selling & Making Money
Treasure Hunter, Collector, Bargainer, Speculator or Investor--which are you using to your disadvantage and how do you turn that around?
There's No Sex in Golf
Weird name for a golf book, but then it's not a normal golf book—looking at golf beyond the mental game.
Wedding Speeches
You may only need this book once in your life but it's the the one to have if you're getting married; full of ideas and coaching.
Public Speaking: Beyond Fear
The ideas, concepts and tools contained in this book may catapult you to levels of freedom and ease with public speaking that you’ve never had before.
Advanced Speaking Concepts
Concepts to assist you going beyond all of the old, worn public speaking techniques that everyone else uses to be competent, average and safe.
Life Before
The fisher folk came by this morn, wearing white and cloaked in dawn. Accent the grey, dark the brown; closely fitted, a feather gown ...

Getting Your Manuscript Reviewed

Get someone who's willing to be objective to review your manuscripts and be willing to receive the feedback without judging it; it's refreshing.

Many writers think that they have to do something with feedback, but if you don't judge it and simply receive it, then you get to choose. Feedback is simply someone's viewpoint of your writing; everyone you give the material will have a view that's theirs and you are under no obligation to do anything with it, at all.

By not judging the information you are receiving, you can see clearly if anything of what's presented will work for you, and if it does then use it, otherwise just let it go.

Everyone is entitled to have their viewpoint, but theirs doesn't have to be yours. Like an image, a quote or some research, feedback is another resource that you can choose to use, or not.

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