The First Five Years
A compelling true story of courage, endeavor and success; one of Australia’s largely unknown but nevertheless intrepid, gutsy pioneering families
Dealers: Buying, Selling & Making Money
Treasure Hunter, Collector, Bargainer, Speculator or Investor--which are you using to your disadvantage and how do you turn that around?
There's No Sex in Golf
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Wedding Speeches
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Public Speaking: Beyond Fear
The ideas, concepts and tools contained in this book may catapult you to levels of freedom and ease with public speaking that you’ve never had before.
Advanced Speaking Concepts
Concepts to assist you going beyond all of the old, worn public speaking techniques that everyone else uses to be competent, average and safe.
Life Before
The fisher folk came by this morn, wearing white and cloaked in dawn. Accent the grey, dark the brown; closely fitted, a feather gown ...

The Beginnings of a New Book

I started on a new book this morning; an adventure based upon the true story of a family emigrating to Australia in 1964, leaving a cold English winter to arrive in Fremantle, Western Australia during a summer heatwave. They traveled 1200 miles north of Perth to settle in the tiny, remote town of Port Hedland, where they stayed for 5 years.

A few years ago, my Dad wrote his account of our families first 5 years in Australia; it's an extraordinary story of courage and endeavor. I'm going to weave my recollections, as a 8 year old boy, into his. The 2 different perspectives provide an unusual and entertaining insight into the adventure.

The genre is Historical Fiction, with the events of Port Hedland's boom, as an iron ore export port, and its remote location featured.

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