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Public Speaking: Beyond Fear Official Press Release

For Immediate Release

Scarborough, QLD, Australia, June, 2014 - Public Speaking: Beyond Fear, the new book by Stephen Outram, is now available in paperback and ebook formats.

Public Speaking: Beyond Fear is designed for people who experience difficulty with public speaking and performance. It will also benefit people who think they have it all handled. What if your journey with public speaking was really an adventure unfolding before you with each new choice you make?

"As a teacher I communicate concepts and ideas, deliver instructions, present explanations and explore possibilities on a daily basis. Concepts presented by Stephen have made me question how I use language, and has made me explore new ways how to present and check for understanding."—Simone Phillips, Dip. Teach (Languages)

About Stephen Outram, MScCAAD, has a background in architecture followed by a career in graphic art and the Internet. He has written books, spoken and presented seminars globally. Stephen studied at Brisbane’s University of Technology in 1970 and returned to study in 1995 at Dundee University, Scotland. An active member of Toastmasters he was Club President, representing his club in speaking competitions and official events. He is author of several books and numerous Internet articles.

Public Speaking Beyond Fear
Public Speaking Beyond Fear

Best Review | Public Speaking: Beyond Fear

Book Review, for Toastmasters International Magazine, of Public Speaking: Beyond Fear

Reviewer: Jacqueline Hamilton. Toastmasters International. District 69, Area 6 Governor 2006-2007 (Australia).

I knew I was going to die when I first stepped into the arena of public speaking. My heart beat wildly, I was sweating, my knees shook so much I could barely stand … and yet what began as the worst day of my entire life turned into the most liberating and exhilarating that I have experienced. Once I had accepted my role I found myself firmly committed to becoming an able and effective communicator. And I think as Toastmasters we can all relate to that!


Public Speaking At Seminars

Speaking to an audience of your peers can be a daunting task if you are unwilling to receive judgment.

During a seminar I gave on public speaking, Dr. Andy Rogger-Amies described to me how he had once given a talk to a group of 20-30 medical colleagues. He was very careful about what he said in-case he said or did something stupid. Dr. Rogger-Amies thought that his peers might know more than he did and would judge him harshly for any slip-ups or indiscretion. This created a difficulty for him in delivering the speech because he was watching every word, and speaking from a place of protection.

Speaking in front of a group of professionals can be daunting if you are unwilling to receive their judgments as just an interesting point-of-view.


Best Review | ‘Prosperity Consciousness’ by Steven & Chutisa Bowman

Leading Yourself to Money with Conscious Awareness

The Bowmans write that prosperity consciousnesses is where you cultivate and expand your consciousness to create success and abundance. And that your consciousness determines whether you struggle, or live a life of abundance and wealth. Clearly, “consciousness” is a key theme in their book.

In addition, “If you have an anti-conscious relationship with money now, you will continue to have the same relationship, no matter how much money you have. This can result in a growing financial mess” i.e. more money, more mess!


Best Review | ‘Tribes’ by Seth Godin

The first line you will read in Chapter 1 of Seth Godin’s book Tribes is dominated by the phrase “changing the world.” And that is who this book is written for, people who are interested in changing the world.

The concept of tribe, described by Godin, is a brilliant vehicle with which to explore people coming together to form moments that can affect the world. “A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea.” In Tribes, Godin invites you to be that leader “We need you!” Tribes can change the world but they need leading.